Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blazing On My Bike

I passed a couple of hours this afternoon out on my bike! You should have seen me, blazing the trial! That only happens when the wind is at my back and boy was it there in full force today. It was rather quiet on the paths, which is what I expected for a Thursday afternoon and which I enjoyed! Not a whole lot of reasons to be ringing my bell! I did ring my bell at a fellow who looked familiar from behind, as I have seen him running before and I recognize his form. Our Mayor was out running. I heard he was at a meeting this afternoon so I wonder if this was to gear up for the meeting or a wind down from it.

I got to try out my new toys! I really like the padded palm cycling gloves and my blue bottle works just fine. They are both keepers!There was lots of construction along certain parts of the path system which was nice to see. Some paths were being widened, some new ones were being built, some were receiving new fences to line them and others were having trees cleared from their sides.

The bike ride back home was tough! No blazing here as I was fighting the wind. At times the wind pushed me to the side almost into the ditch and at times my speedometer read 4.9 miles/hour, I was almost at a stand still. I could feel the struggle in my knees and even thought I heard them scream!

In total I did 31 kilometers. Tomorrow I hope to double that!

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  1. That must have been some pretty strong headwinds!! Good job on the ride, I need to get on the bike too...


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