Monday, August 4, 2008

August Rush

This long weekend topper was a three hour fun bike ride and what a great day for it!

I was surprised not to see many folks along the Nose Creek Pathway but as I got closer in, the numbers picked up dramatically. Instead of heading west from the Zoo, this time I hung a left, not knowing where I would end up.

I happened upon Fort Calgary so thought I would pay Ms M a visit. There she was, doing what she loves to do! I think I surprised her! Along the route I needed directions, so questioned an older then me biking fellow. He had a police half marathon shirt on so not only did I ask for directions I also asked if he ran that race. He did in 1980! I checked some info when I got home, 1980 was the first year for the race! He doesn’t run anymore but does very well with his biking!

I wore my new ironman socks and JE if you read this, thank you very much! They were a treat for my feet! I don’t know my mileage because I was not able to attach my new Incite i8 computer and all it’s little pieces. I have a date on Thursday for a service check on my bike, as the newness is coming out of it and some adjustments need to be made, they will attach my new gadget and get it running for me at the same time.

What a trio long weekend! Saturday Sunday Monday...running hiking biking! What a rush!

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  1. Thanks for the surprise visit and helping to make my day special at Fort Calgary.

    Ms. M


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