Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday! My Day!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to play I go!

Today was all about pushing on my bike for pretty much all of the 48 kilometers I packed in. I’m really feeling comfortable on it and stronger too. Parts of the path I had to myself, so on the straight stretches I kicked it up a notch to see how fast I could go. I was feeling a significant breeze through my helmet.

The grasshoppers were plentiful along the path near Nose Creek. I dinged my bell in the middle of a back swing, just because! The course was busy this afternoon. I know the runners’ nod, and have experience with the bikers wave. I wonder what the etiquette is for acknowledging other cyclists!

Every time I ride, I am able to make it further and further up that last hill. I’m still not able to make it all the way up yet but I feel it’s inevitable any day now!

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