Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Victoria, B.C. October 23, 2019

With another gorgeous day forecasted weather-wise out here on the west coast, I got out early to savour the sunrise before heading to Fort Rodd Hill & Fisguard Lighthouse.  These sunrises and sunsets are at my doorstep but I prefer to walk closer to them.  I am surprised at the number of people who are doing the same.  I never have outright ownership on this trail at any time and I like it like that here.

Many many years ago I visited the Fisguard Lighthouse with a friend who then did an oil painting of it for me which has been hanging in my kitchen ever since.  Those many many years I did not understand the phrase "remember to breathe", today I do and I did that today.  

I spotted those two red chairs peeking out between the rocks so walked out to the edge to invest a few minutes.  

I spent loads of time near the Lighthouse before touring around the Fort Rodd Hill grounds.  At this time of year on weekdays, the buildings are closed.  Down a short winding trail in the forest and through a rod iron gate, there are two more of those red chairs.  Both sets today have grand vistas from them.

I had a late picnic on the grounds and watched the few people come and go and also the workers prepare the property for winter.  Across the meadow I could see the O-Tentiks were already closed for the season. 

It was time to head back to my home away from away and enjoy a short lounge about before going back out, crossing the street and aiming for a lengthy stroll along the walkway to the end of the breakwater at Ogden Point.  By now the sun was getting low and I still had an hour walk back so hit the walkway and made my way home to where I feel at home and with a heart and soul full of sea salt air and vistas.

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