Thursday, October 10, 2019

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park October 10, 2019

It looked and felt like one of those blue bird days in mid January when we began our hike this morning at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.  From the second we stepped out of the car to the second we stepped back in a little more than three hours later, the sun shone bright under a clear blue sky yet the cold wind did nip at our cheeks and noses the entire time.  These weather conditions were ideal for offering us visions of crystals and sparkles throughout the Park.  
Before getting on our with the hike down into the valley, we stopped by the picnic site just before the Visitor Centre.  My friend had hiked this Park before but her group always passed on by this trail not knowing what was at the end of it.
There would be no warmth from this fireplace today!
We ventured down Yodel where we found some color, some new signs and shelter from the wind.
Bird houses are scattered throughout Glenbow Ranch, each has a number and a bird carving on the side.  There is a section of the Park that is off limits and I always noticed a structure on top that I never bothered to figure out what it was.  Today when my friend pointed it out, I zoomed in and there you go, the #1 bird house.
Can there be too much blue in the sky? Yes!  I should not complain because it is a beautiful sight but it sure makes it difficult to capture photos under those conditions.  One positive is, the bright sky and crisp air pairs together to create clear crystals.
We completed the Yodel Loop then made our way down to the valley bottom again and followed the Bowbend paved path to the pond.  It was mostly frozen showing of a sheer sheet of ice with no snow.  You know what that means, yes time for the symphony to play.  I skimmed a few rocks across and it was music to our ears!
bulrushes line the little lake
We carried on along Bowbend, veered off onto Bowl Link then climbed up the hill to meet up with the Badger Bow Trail.  It was time to settle down for a bit for snacks and savour some hot tea and scenery.  It was quite cold so we moved about while hanging out which helped us stay warm.  
While hanging out here, we watched a helicopter fly loops, drop down, hoover, take off, over and over and over again.  We thought someone is probably in training from the nearby Springbank Airport.  The helicopter created quite the snow swirl every time it came close to the ground.
perfect split second shot snapping to capture the deer with all legs in the air
We completed another loop then made our way up towards Tiger Lily.  
Along the way there was enough snow that beckoned.  
It was pretty all along Tiger Lily with lots of snow covering the entire trail, with leaves still on the trees some covered in a light white dusting and a few leaves scattered alongside the pathway.  We finished the climb up and out and made our way back to the car.  I felt refreshed and wondered was I glowing like my friend was. That cold crisp clean air felt good for the heart and the soul which brings out a glow!  

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