Saturday, November 10, 2018

Upper Kananaskis Lake Circuit November 10, 2018

It has been ages since I arranged anything official for friends out in our mountain playground.  I was happy  that friends old & new were on board to join me for a hike around the Upper Kananaskis Lake.  While I always hope for the best when we head out there, I hope a bit more when it is official, I want it to be a pleasant experience for all.  I wanted pleasant, pretty, peaceful, perfect all those "p" words.  You will see from the photographs below, we received all that! 
When I woke this morning and looked outside I felt a tad disappointed, it was blustery, wintry, snowy and even sleety.  I checked road conditions and numerous forecasts for out where we were going.  Everything showed "just go, it will be fine" conditions.  We went, we were fine!  The view when we arrived at the Upper Kananaskis Lake was outstanding.  I smiled wide and when I checked, everyone else was doing the same.
 Early on there are many openings in the trees that afford grand views.  
 It could not have been more perfect than this to witness.
We worked out way further along the trail and into the forest where there were no views.  We made good time getting this section over with in favour of spending more time where it was worthy to invest a fortune of time.  Half way around the circumference of the Lake is what I call the "stump section".  I have been here a few times and always make this the lunch spot.  The views are wonderful and we had the sun shining right on us.  As you can see we had no wind.
After dining then it was photo op time.  My friends were keen to join me in a balancing act once they saw my antics.  It was necessary to be picky when choosing a stump.  The ice was not solid in some places.  This is my stump shot!
 Here is our group stump shot!
Further along the trail we hiked into the campground and checked out the scenery there.  It is always pretty here but today was the prettiest I have ever seen it.  There were signs of recent camping activity.
 view from the campground
 group shot on the shore of the Lake by the campground
 picture perfect
calendar shot
money shot
call it what you will
 I like the route around Upper Kananaskis Lake for the variety of terrain and scenery. 
 The bouldery rocky part of the trail was pretty with the sun shining down.
 along the trail through the rocky section
We reached the dam that divides the Lower Lake from the Upper Lake and now on this side the wind whistled and it was much colder.   We still took time to admire the scenery.
 We walked out onto a peninsula and this is the view from there.

We arrived back to where we started about six hours prior.  The circuit was done and so was I.  I felt happy that our day went well and was thankful for such beautiful scenery. We geared down, loaded up the cars and said some of our goodbyes.  How lucky were we to experience this area at its finest.

Thank you for sharing today with me!  

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