Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Johnston Canyon & Ink Pots November 13, 2018

Johnston Canyon and The Ink Pots is listed everywhere as a must do when visiting Banff National Park.  For that reason for the prior two summer visits my friend asked to go there.  I said no and explained how unpleasantly busy it would be there.  For her visit this time to Calgary we included the Canyon and the Pots making sure to schedule it on a weekday.
I was surprised at how much ice there already was in the river and on the canyon walls.  I have never been able to capture decent enough photographers here and I try with each visit.  
We were fortunate to share the trail with only a very, very few others.  In no time at all we arrived at the lower falls and ducked into the cave. This is my friend coming out after getting her photos.
We carried on along to the upper falls.  There were no ice climbers today. While there was loads of ice, I don't think there was enough yet to safely climb.  
Now it was time to hike the three kilometres up and then down into the meadow that contain the Ink Pots.  The sky was looking pretty and I knew we would be in for incredible views.  
We each went about our merry way being drawn to what pleases our eye.  I went for the shadows and the reflections and the landscape shots.



We wandered down to Johnston Creek and then followed it to the bridge.  It was a photographer's delight and we passed many many moments here.  

We kept putting off lunch in favour of embracing the scenery but enough was enough and we needed energy.  We hiked back to the Ink Pots and settled on a bench to savour out chickpea salad and hot peppermint tea.  The view was splendid but it was frigid sitting here. It was time to hit the trail back.  I went one way my friend the other, this afforded me this photo opportunity.
The hike back seemed to go by quickly including the climb out of the meadow.  Wearing our microspikes allowed us to just go with confidence, passing by numerous hikers who were just slip sliding away.  We arrived back at the car, geared down then hit the road to home.  We gave thanks for yet another beautiful day out in this mountainous playgrounds.

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  1. Every outing is stunning! An incredible part of the world to be retired in.


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