Saturday, September 9, 2017

Nova Scotia September 9, 2017

It was 6:08am, I was sitting on the deck, in my pyjamas, sipping on my coffee.  It was warm, calm, fresh, lovely.  It was still somewhat dark.  Then, I spotted a bit of pink on the horizon.  Everything was lining up for a pretty sunrise.  I shifted focus, ditched the deck and my coffee, in favour of sandals, camera and the beach.  Still in my pyjamas, what the heck, I didn't care, I headed to the beach to witness the show.

The show took awhile, a good while which ended up being a good morning stroll on the beach, yes, in my pyjamas.  What a fab way to start a day!  With a plan to attack it was time to shift focus again and head off to town,  no, not in my pyjamas.  We supported some vendors at the New Glasgow Saturday Morning Farmer's Market.

Next on the agenda was to check out the weather forecast, the wind speeds, actually look at the ocean and then decide if conditions were user friendly to go kayaking.  Sweet!  It was go time!

Being only the second time ever that I operated one of these things, I have loads to learn.  I tried to blame the collision on the kayak being lopsided and continuously aiming to the left but that excuse did not go over at all.  Yes, I have lots to learn. 

                            Shower time, cozy feet time, nap time!
But, our day was not done!  We were off to share in a feast of seafood, wine and conversation.  When our day was done I ended it watching the sunset, yes, in my pyjamas.

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