Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Iceland Day 4 June 27, 2017

Reykjavik is full of unique beauty and I wanted a full day to make the investment of exploring what this edge of the Atlantic Ocean looks like.  The forecast called for whatever it called for so I went prepared for whatever. My home away from home is located a mere three and a half minute walk to the sea.  As soon as I reached the water's edge and breathed in that air, I felt at home.  

                                        Solfar Sun Voyager

                                cafes & cobblestone streets

I passed time meandering up and down streets here and there.  This is very much a walkable place with something different around each corner.  This caught my eye down a narrow back alley, a banking machine in the back of a minivan.

                                      Visitor Information Center

For a later lunch, I went for a feast of fish & chips.   Between the fresh ocean air, the exercise and now a full tummy, it was time to walk a little more then just sit and admire the scenery.

After more meandering, more strolling, a little shopping, I worked my way back towards my home away from  home, had dinner then headed back to the seaside to explore off in the other direction .

That's little Videy Island looking so green in front of the larger island. The small white circular structure on the left is The Imagine Peace Tower a memorial to John Lennon from his widow, Yoko Ono.   The larger white building on the right is Videy House.

With the pairing together of ocean air and exercise which makes me sleepy and want to sleep and a midnight sun which tells me stay up and keep busy, I need to work through some self talk because my mind is not quite getting it.  With a big, long, long  day tomorrow it's time to get home and  pull those blinds and draw those drapes!

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