Saturday, June 24, 2017

Iceland Day 1 June 24 2017

It still doesn't seem real that I am here!  Ever since I learned there was a place on this earth called Iceland, I knew I wanted to be there "one day".  I was probably in elementary school when I learned Iceland is green and Greenland is ice. I remember thinking that concept was so cool.  That "one day" has finally come and I am here.  

Maybe it doesn't seem real because the place called Iceland sounds so far out there and it looks so far out there on the map.  In reality from Calgary it is such an easy close by Island to get to.  

Icelandair makes direct flights to Iceland from Edmonton International Airport.  I opted to drive to catch my flight instead of fly to catch my flight.  It was an easy drive at just over two hours.  I was fortunate with my seat selection having no one in the middle seat.  The flight left a little late yet arrived on time with 5:50 minutes of flying time.  I was on the first Flybus out of there, contacted my apartment owner, he met me, showed me to my home away from home, then showed me around the neighbourhood.  

Once that business was taken care off, I went around the corner grocery shopping.  I took a chance on many things, that they would be what I thought there were, some were, some were not.  Most importantly, I did purchase a load of skyr.

I was so in need of sleep but needed to push that to the way side in order to get on viking time.   With a busy day tomorrow and then on Tuesday I need to get me to the church on time, very early.  Right now was the time to test the church run.  Hallgrimskirkja Church is a 15 minute walk from my home away from home.

It was such a lovely day, I made the most of it and walked up and down those little streets for a couple of hours and walked by the sea too.  I looked in some stores at the beautiful wool products and the outdoor attire.  It was the colorfulness of the cute shops and cafes that caught my eye though.

                                            Harpa Concert Hall 

                                      see me in the concert hall

                             trying my best to fit into this viking lifestyle


After all that walking and all that lack of sleep, I came home, had dinner on my deck and got into lazy mode for a few hours. Spent time looking at photos, blogging, organizing for tomorrow, waiting for sunset, oh better not wait for that, this is the end of June and I am in the land of the midnight sun.

                        I better just draw the drapes and say goodnight!


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