Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wasootch Ridge May 27, 2017

Back in April of last year was the first time I ever ventured up onto Wasootch Ridge.  I truly enjoyed that visit and knew I would definitely hit that high point again.  I went back the following June but had to quickly abort my mission just before the summit when the weather did an abrupt turn-around.  A mental note was made to keep this place in mind for springtime so I have been watching the weather and the snow conditions over the past few weeks waiting for the ideal day to wander that way and that day was today.
It was an outstanding morning weatherwise.  
It was a short sleeve shirt temperature and I could have gone with shorts too.   The hard work starts right at the car and elevation is gained quickly.  I like this hike because within a matter of a very short time the views begin.  That means it is open with no shelter and with the sun shining, it gets hot.  I was thankful to be in the trees today whenever I could be.
pretty wildflowers
Wasootch Ridge offers many opportunities to practice being artistic.   
I'm always trying to see things in a different way.
I look for unique sights too!
framing options are plentiful
After taking some time playing photographer, I was ready to make my way to the summit and that star marks where I need to get to.  In between there and where I am standing are still a few ups and downs to tackle.
I made it!
I could see forever from up here.  I checked out the Barrier Lake area and the Lookout area with my zoom lens.  Friends were venturing up there today.  From what I could see, their day would have been just as spectacular as mine.
the valley below
After taking care of capturing my summit shots, I headed back down to a lower spot to settle down and dine.  I felt like I was perched on top of the world with the view in front of me.   I enjoyed my citrus juice, turkey with cranberry mayonnaise sandwich plus chickpea & chicken salad.  This was a wonderful spot to just hang out and that I did.
Time passed and I thought I should get going with my day.  I had those downs and ups to tackle again.  The ups were a challenge now in the heat of the day but I just dealt with them as they presented themselves.  A last grand view was over towards Nakiska ski hill.  Those upper reaches will open for hiking next month once the closures are lifted.
This area of Kananaskis is pretty much just out my back door.  I am there before you know it and home before you know it yet in between it feels like I am a world away.  It feels good to be getting good elevation gain hikes under my belt.  While this was a shorter day, I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt the fullfillment I was after.  I am ready now for another big day in all ways, distance, elevation and hours.  

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