Monday, May 22, 2017

Forgetmenot Pond & Sunrise Hill May 22, 2017

How fortunate are we to be having such an amazing weather-wise May long weekend.  I was awake before the birds this morning and knew immediately that I wanted to be "out & about".  I had collected some ideas over the past week of places I could venture to today.  With this fabulous forecast I opted to head out past the open gate on Route 66 and check out Forgetmenot Pond's morning reflections and then to scoot up the Powderface Trail to Sunrise Hill.
This gate is open and welcoming all to come visit!
I was the first vehicle in the parking lot at Forgetmenot Pond.  I was surprised because I thought for sure others would be there to capture the morning beauty especially with so many campers close by.  I am not complaining though.  The reflections were perfection to a T.
can this look any prettier than it does at this second in time
After strolling around the full circumference of the the Pond, I had my banana back at the car and then drove over to the pull off to where the trail head for Sunrise Hill is.  No one had yet arrived to begin the hike so I made sure to announce regularly that I was on my way up. I forgot it is a grunt right from the start.  But oh boy, when I came out into the open and saw this, I was so pleased this was what I opted for.
at the intersection to head up to Sunrise Hill to the right or Powderface Ridge South to the left
At exactly 9:00am I arrived at the summit of Sunrise Hill (aka Rainy Summit)
You can see Forgetmenot Pond in the centre, it's that tiny little blue spot. I had a morning snack at the summit cairn and just sat and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.  I have been here twice in the past and both times it was so cold and so windy, it was not fit to spend a bit.  I made up for that this morning.
There's Banded Peak!
I meandered along an open slope and scrambled up onto this boulder.  
On my way down I spied Forgetmenot Ridge and tried to get a glimpse of what the conditions are up there.  I would like to make my way up there again.  It has been quite some time since I paid that Ridge a visit.
Today had another purpose and that was to break in my new Styngers.  I didn't want to chance it on a long hike.  Today's terrain, distance and elevation gain were ideal to test them out.  As I expected, they are absolutely fine.  I am looking forward to collecting many memories with them.

As I descended through the trees many people were heading up.  I was thinking that summit is going to be crowded today.  When I arrived at my car and began to gear down, folks were waiting for my parking spot.  Oih, busy busy!  I am thankful to be an early riser.  

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