Monday, January 16, 2017

sea to summit still on the go

There are still pieces to be completed on my Sea to Summit project but it is shaping up to be much prettier looking than I was expecting.  I am realizing too, it will take much longer to complete than I was expecting.  I have been working on managing my time and altering my focus and priorities.  Going forward the altering & managing will need to remain near the forefront.   Back to my Sea to Summit project and where I left off last Tuesday with the statement to Stay Tuned

Thank you to my valley girl friend and my sister for the signature piece.  The slate was my welcome sign which hung on the entrance door to my friend's home in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia when I stayed with her last September.  Some friends and family know I am a calligrapher and that I work with ink and paper but paint on slate is foreign to me so I asked my sister to add her touch to my project so she put the paint on the slate.   
from this
to this
to this
to this
The slate is now hanging on my project wall and I am ready to move on to the next piece.  

I am artistic to a certain point.  I have the imagination and can produce certain types of creations but my sister's ability to produce pretty much anything comes naturally.  I now have in my possession this acrylic on canvas painting completed by her.  My only task is to pick out a frame then secure the painting to my project wall.  
Some of you may know that a number of years back I was into water color painting.  I took many lessons and put lots of paint on paper.  My love with this craft and media was there but I found it a challenge to create anything I was proud enough of to share or display.  I purchased a package at the New Glasgow's Farmers Market last September which was put together by a local lady.  How can I go wrong here.  The package contains four sketches.  My hope is to be proud enough of this after I paint it, that I will want to add it to my wall project.
I have a few items sitting on the corner of my table that will at some point be worked into something. Right now, I look at them every now and then.  I know I will have a light bulb moment idea and when that happensthen I will develop that idea.  Until then, once again.....



  1. Your sister's painting is beautiful! Such talent! And Helen also sent me one of her patches :)

  2. And the journey is all the better for being slow.


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