Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sea to Summit making progress

My Sea to Summit project is coming along.  I reported back in December that it was a work in progress.  With life's daily happenings my time to spend crafting is limited.  When I do get time to invest, I turn on the tunes, pour a glass of spirit, and then an hour or so later, this is the outcome!  I added three more pieces to Sea to Summit.

Some of you know I have been a cross-stitcher.  I have many works in my home.  
This one is so simple in appearance yet holds lots of depth.  
The sand, the dune grass, the ocean, the sky, the clouds, nothing more needs to be said.

Sea to Summit
beach glass from the sea
up to seashells & pottery
up to rocks from mountain tops
I have a few MacAskills.  This one is from 1935 and is called Pictou Harbour.  
When I see this, I think of family and "Knight Moves". 
When next I have time to invest!


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