Saturday, June 11, 2016

Wasootch Ridge where the weather is

I truly wanted classic today but that's not where the nice weather forecast was hanging out.  After checking forecasts for surrounding locations, the ideal conditions were in Kananaskis off Highway 40 where life begins.  There are many trails along that stretch that I want to cover, but since I was soloing it was wise to pick a busier place.  Wasootch Ridge was my choice!  I was a little later starting and the parking lot was packed but I squeezed into a makeshift spot.  I already knew ownership would be spread amongst the masses.  

I hit the steep long stretch and made quick time of it.
I love this place for its' trees.
O.K. where are all the folks?  Being a later start for me, they are probably already nearing the summit.  At the first big opening, the view proved this was the fine weather place today.  It looked different from when I was here just over two months ago.  No snow!
took some time to attempt to be artistic
With only a handful of folks in the vicinity, it was feeling like I could declare a high percentage of ownership.  Where were all those folks that belonged to those vehicles in that overloaded parking lot. I could see through the tree that there was still lots of elevation to gain the summit.
The further I climbed, the windier it became.  Clouds were coming from the west, they were moving in fast and furious, they were dark and dropping moisture close by.  Just before reaching the first large cairn, the wind became wicked and it was a challenge for me to stay upright and move forward with perfect purpose.  I decided to get my summit shot here then get the heck on with retreating.   I firmly planted my tripod, waited for a few seconds of lull then captured my shot.  While my shirts fit close, it was also a challenge to keep them down in place, they were rising just like my pig tails were!
I saw a fellow scurry off the top towards me.  I gathered my gear and scurried too, hiking like a I had a few too many happy-time beverages.  I will admit I was a little scared with the narrow sections.  The fellow caught up to me and kept closer as we got down to the trees and shelter.  Yes, I did go "where the weather is".  It was now snowing, then turned to rain and then the sun came out.  It remained cool and windy though. 

I was not ready for my hike to end so quicky, so under again blue sky, I took more time.
I thoroughly enjoyed the photo ops.
As I arrived at the last of the wide open spaces, I took one last look back at the splendour.
While I choose to go where the weather was, I ended up where the weather was!  It's the mountains, I received what they are notorious for.  Never mind that though, I am always prepared for anything and everything and make alternations if they are warranted.  I never did figure out where all those folks were!  It was a nice surprise to not have to share this Ridge with very many others.  It did feel like it was all mine!


  1. Despite the wind, it looked like a great day for a hike.

  2. It seems that the weather 'orchestrated' this day! Looking at your pics, it is hard to believe the weather was anything but sunny. Glad you stayed safe.

  3. You are an adventurous one, I love to hike and climb but not by myself, glad there was someone on the trail after a bit. The day did look like a gorgeous one, even with the wind!! You remind me of my middle son - he is all about the climb, the hike, the bike, the ski's, the adventure!
    Stay safe!!!


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