Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sunshine Meadows Sunshiny in my Heart

As soon as the website opened for bookings, I booked my seat on the yellow bus to go up to Sunshine Meadows for a leisurely hike on my own with a focus on "just being there".  This on top of the world space is a place for all seasons.  I have been in all seasons, in all weather and I always quite easily, very quickly, become happy in my heart here.      
I had a plan for my day, but had to rearrange that.  After first visiting Rock Isle Lake and before heading down to the other two lakes, I wanted to complete an out and back to Standish, MeadowPark, MonarchViewpoint but at the trail sign was also another sign stating the trail was closed due to marginal conditions.  My thinking was the bridges over the fragile sections were in disarray and in need of repair and placement.
                                       I did visit tarns that were full for now.
Getting back to "just being there" I altered to hanging around Grizzly & Larix a little longer.  The sky was lacking in blue and the sun did not shine.  It slightly sprinkled once in a while.  All of this was not a deterrent to that feeling of sunshiny.  I did have to get somewhat creative with my photography.
                                    all the larch trees had rain drops stuck to them 
                                                                 cheerfully bright
                                                            paintbrush & raindrops
                                                                    See the love?
                                                           being creative
                                         my destination shot at Larix Lake
                                               lots of buttercup type flowers
There was hardly any snow at all anywhere.  Although, I did find enough to build this snowman.  He began to melt even as I was in the construction process.   
Being so early in the season with the snow at the end of the melting stage, there were loads of tarns and furious waterfalls.  One of my reasons for an early visit was to capture reflections in the tarns.  No doubt these will be gone in a couple of weeks.
                                 last visit to Rock Isle Lake before calling it a day
I arrived back at the Village early for my bus so sat outside on the deck and just admired the views around me.  I remembered this deck was one of the locations amongst the suite of Sunshine Village webcams, so had a look and there I was.  I waved but not sure if that second in time would have been captured. That is me in the orange jacket.
I hopped on the yellow bus, made it to my car, then drove off to check into my home away from home for the night.  Sweet Day!  Sweet Places!  Sweet Dreams!


  1. You did well with your photos despite the weather. such a beautiful place!

  2. A damp but special day. I so love the raindrops on the larch branch.


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