Sunday, May 22, 2016

Forgetmenot Pond Sunday Long

"It's the Sunday of a long weekend and I will not be staying home!"
That's my declaration for this day!

Yet, I didn't want a long drive nor a long hike on this Sunday of the May long weekend.  I picked Forgetmenot Pond and area as it is a short drive and a short stroll around the Pond.  While the forecast was for rain in the city, it was for snow out there.  That peaked my interest as I knew that would escalate the level of prettiness.  

The first gate opened May 15th.
The second gate is open also but from photos I saw, there is no way I will be taking my car down that road any time soon.  Especially after all this rain and snow over the last few days.  At this three way intersection, I veered left.
I was the only vehicle at the Forgetmenot Pond Parking Lot.  Loads of vehicles were passing on by in a mass exodus from the Little Elbow Campground area.  I bundled up against the weather and crossed the bridge to begin strolling around the Pond.
 some of the views along the way
I had a hard time keeping my lens clear of snow flakes.  They were the wet, big, heavy accumulating kind.  Even though I geared up against those, I was still cold and got very wet.  No complaining though, I was strolling, not hiking at any break neck pace.  The prettiness was too much to just pass on by.  
 end of the trail
Quite some time later, I arrived back at my car that was covered in snow.  I warmed it up and warmed me up then drove down the road a little further.  As the exodus from the campground intensified, I decided to go with the flow and head home.  My winter tires are in my basement, not on my car and the driving conditions were winter-like.
I made it home with a card load of pretty....  
....thank you to the May long weekend snow event!


  1. Oh that new-fallen snow is lovely! Even in May, I'd still be out in it just like you did.

  2. Wet cold and exhilarated. I love the footsteps on the wooden bridge.


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