Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nose Hill a very cloudy non-cloud day

On my way to the grocery store this morning, I could not help but admire the sky.  It was very cloudy but they were the good kind of clouds.   I knew right then and there, it was very clear not clouded over at all, what would be next on my agenda after arriving home and storing the groceries.  The chores were completed then I made my way to the parking lot at Nose Hill Environmental Park.   It was very windy but I was fine with that because you cannot have clouds like this without wind.  

  I passed through the open gate.....
.....and immediately began getting lost in the scenery.
Nose Hill trail marker
I enjoyed getting this kind of perspective at Glenbow Ranch so carried it forward to Nose Hill.
These were the only crocuses to be seen.
For an extended period, Hawks circled above.  I was presumptuous in thinking they may have been checking the lay of the land given the dry conditions.  But would Hawks be the one to do that?  They were so low I even thought maybe they were intending to land.   I even noticed they had that search light on, is it a search light, on in the day time?  Then I rambled to the top of a hill.....
 ....and saw a truck parked in the middle of the grass on the top of the hill, a sight I have never ever seen before on Nose Hill.  I circumnavigated the truck, zooming in somewhat to spy.  It appeared empty, then two heads appeared.  The helicopter came closer and lower and hoovered over top.  Meanwhile I moved off in the other direction and lower and then lost sight of any activity.  A very short time later, the helicopter moved on.
wild flowers in bloom
more wild flowers
After a couple of hours of hiking here and there, I aimed for my lunch spot and settled in.
Feeling satisfied eating wise, and satisfied hiking wise, and satisfied taking photos wise.....
....I took the trail home.

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  1. Awesome. I see the snow is back on the mountains this morning!


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