Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wasootch Ridge Ridge Rockin

For one reason or another every time in the past when Wasootch Ridge was the to go place, I was off somewhere else doing whatever else.  It was to be a solo Sunday so searched for something to summit safely.  Today I made my way up Wasootch.   I said here before that I like the saying "life begins at highway 40" well that was not all that began at the 40 turnoff.  I drove into spitting rain, then pouring rain and the further I drove it turned to snow.  I could see blue far off so sat in the parking lot for the blue to arrive overhead.  Then I was off.....

Not long into the ascent, the views appear.
The darker clouds lingered a little.........
.....then vanished, leaving behind the kind that I like so much!
The ascent descent ascent descent ascent seemed effortless.  I could contribute that to "and on Saturday she shall rest" and also on new stunning scenery that was distracting and captured all of my attention.   The views made for a photograph's dream today, from the ground cover, to the clouds, to mountain peaks to the lake far below.
looking back at a portion of the Ridge I just covered
I arrived at the summit cairn on Wasootch Ridge to have full right ownership for the duration of my visit.  I could see a threesome heading above and way beyond  and I know there was a threesome below me who made the lower cairn their high point.  I enjoyed my time here.
After admring everything about the summit, I made my way down a bit to settle in for lunch.  
I picked this spot.  I could see Barrier Lake far off and far below.
some Sunday scenery
The scenery was just as impressive on my retreat back to where I came from.  By now lots of folks were aiming for the top.   Many were in shorts and I could have been.  The sun was hot, so I did remove my gaiters, rolled down my socks and went down to a short sleeve shirt.  Seeing vistas like this is what keeps me coming back for more.  
I am happy to have found another location to add to my safe solo summit collection.  
Today turned out exceeding my expectations with weather and scenery.  
This was one of those days where I felt like I was "on top of the world"!


  1. Fabulous views! Glad you had sunny weather to enjoy them.

  2. It looks totally awesome. So glad the weather moved on quickly for you. Snow conditions to T-shirt - that doesn't sound like this area.

  3. You live in such a spectacular place!


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