Saturday, April 30, 2016

Prairie Mountain Loop girlfriends & galore

When a spur of the moment idea was put out there, each with a reason to say yes,  yet all with busy lives, we found a way to make this day one filled with caring & sharing.  I was on board within seconds of getting the call.  Get a galore of girlfriends together in our mountain playground and sometimes it becomes magical, like a real life painting.     
We had lots to accomplish today and the first was getting to the summit of Prairie Mountain.  
It did not feel like work for me getting here, lost in conversation catch-ups was a great distraction.  Each time I arrive here, it looks different.  Today the summit cairn was flattened wide and the flag was smaller. It was overcast, yet no wind nor showers.  We sat to the side for a lengthy time to dine and exchange stories.  It was a time for sharing.....
.....and caring.....
After lunch, we geared up then aimed to accomplish more distance and fun.  We headed for the cairn then did an about face and hiked down the West Ridge for our descent off Prairie Mountain.  Along the way we were just girlfriends being girls, escaping reality, having fun, joking, laughing, with even yet more caring & sharing.  
Off the West Ridge, we intersected Prairie Creek Trail from the big meadow.  It was again time to dine.  Just like we did up there on the summit, here we sat to the side for a lengthy time to dine and exchange stories. We listened!  We laughed!  I loved...everything about this day so far!  We still had more to accomplish so geared up and bundled up and went about our day and our way.
We completed the last few kilometres then popped out onto Route 66 beyond the closed gate.  Some went left and some went right.  Those of us aiming right headed off to Beaver Lodge for a potluck buffet style dinner.  It was a short hike along-side the beaver ponds.  It was so scenic, we took time to give this area the credit it as due.  
We found the picnic table at the far end by one of the ponds.  
We placed our spread.
It was time again for sharing....
.....and caring.....
After dinner, we cleaned up, we packed up and then strolled the trail back to Route 66.  While some headed home earlier than others, we do all have to head home.  Seeing we are almost finished when I never truly want to finish, I take a few minutes to think back and put a recap and parts of our day.  I always hear what you say but sometimes I like to hear what you say in my way.  

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this galore-filled day!
I needed it, I know you needed it!
I day shared with girlfriends is a fullfilling reward!


  1. If distance wasn't an issue, my Wednesday 'Hungry Hikers' group would have a ball meeting up for a hike with you and your friends.

  2. I would have loved this. I've been wanting to try the loop off of Prairie. And I love whoever brought the Christmas star cookies. :)

  3. Hiking with girlfriends is the best! You have a great group of friends to have adventures with.

  4. It's nice to have the balance between solo and company.


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