Saturday, March 21, 2015

seek and ye shall find

I had an intended mission for today which was to involve a full on search accompanied by friends.    Mother Nature turned the tables on us when she got out of bed on the wrong side and threw a not so pleasant day our way.  We opted out of our shared day's plan.  The morning was still early and I felt a need "to save the day" so put my quick change artist cap on.  I quickly got the laundry done, quickly got the grocery shopping done, quickly got some gear together and a lunch made, quickly loaded the car with gas then slowly made my way on that big search.  

I searched locally first but it was no where to be found.  The fog was thick but I aimed west anyway and there was no finding what I was looking for.  There was no way anything could be found in this pea soup.  I must admit though, the fog was making me home sick.  I was feeling at home in it, so felt quite  fine continuing on with my search.
Then low and behold, there it was, right before my eyes, a colourful beautiful spring day.  I knew it was out there somewhere, I just had to be persistent and not give up easily.  Seek and ye shall find, and I found it!  I drove out of the fog at the turn off to highway 40 and there was spring. 
I was wishing I had my full proper hiking gear to join the load of folks heading up to the Barrier Lake Lookout.  I was envious of them as I looked up to the viewpoint and saw they would have a fab day up there.  
After tea, I went for a stroll along the dam skirting the Lake.  
It was pleasantly warm and windless.  
Seeing even further west looked lovely, I felt a calling so answered.  I landed in Canmore, left some cash behind in my favourite store there, then found a perfect spot to dine.  The quarry was a happening place, after all this is where spring is.  
I enjoyed the scenery while savouring the balance of my tea, a tuna+avocado on pumpernickel bread sandwich and topped that off with a slice of banana bread.  After walking around the pond, it was time for more pea soup, it was time to head home, to the fog.  

I hope you found your spring today!


  1. Way to not give up on a foggy day! I often go anyway, despite less than perfect weather, and always have a good time.

    1. The road I took to get there was safe, I hear other roads were not.

  2. I'm looking for autumn. I didn't enjoy this week's hot spell.
    Glad you persisted. That's a lovely reflection on the lake.


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