Sunday, March 22, 2015

greatly rewarded

Being that quick change artist yesterday, and quickly accomplishing Sunday stuff on a Saturday, paid off.  Today was wide open to do as I pleased.  I have been wanting to get that big white elephant off my back.  It was been on my mind as the anniversary approaches.  I did not want May 18th of this year to come and go without having a successful trip up and down Prairie Mountain.   May 18, 2014 was the last time I was there.  This was my summit shot that day....
....and this was after surgery and four days in the hospital due to falling as I was descending Prairie Mountain.  It was not a rough road back mentally nor physically, I did everything possible to make sure of that.  
All the necessary things aligned for today to be the day to take that Mountain back.  I had a great sleep and felt strong when I woke.  The weather forecast was superb and the road conditions ideal.  I left home early to give myself sufficient time on the trail if need be.  That turned out not being an issue. 

It was frosty and nippy, perfect while ascending.  
I was slow with the ascent which is the new me.  When the trail became icy further up, I strapped on stabilizers.  My microspikes are in the shop.  I had confidence in this traction device and surely made my way up.  Up in the frostiness, then up into the cloud, then up and out through the top of the cloud, then up out of the trees.
I aimed a little higher and just stood there looking back at the cloud I just hiked through.  I was in awe!  I thought to myself, someone is watching over me and rewarded me with this for being determined to shed that big white elephant. Already I felt like I took this place back and I wasn't even at the summit yet.  
I arrived and had a little time to myself.  
I could not get enough of this scenery.  
To be high above clouds with mountains peaking out above them was awesome to see.  
Moose Mountain
I stayed for 45 minutes chatting part of the time with a hiking friend. He left, I stuck around longer drinking it all in.   Eventually I packed up and made my way down, very gingerly of course.  I still took time to admire my surroundings and to be very appreciative that I could be here on this day.
one last look back
I headed back into the trees, descended through the cloud arriving back at the frostiness. Once I placed my feet back on the road at the end of the trail, I breathed a sigh of relief.  

I am now the proud owner of wonderful new memories of Prairie Mountain!  


  1. Oh those views from on top are breaktaking! Good for you for getting right back on that horse!

  2. My goodness, how did you fall and hurt yourself so badly descending Prairie Mountain? I'm glad you got back out there again. We did it a few weeks ago and it was beautiful, as always.
    You mention also that your spikes are in the shop. Can they be fixed? My husband's broke on our last trip down Prairie while chasing my crazy son who was trying to win a contest in speed descent or something!

  3. Magnificent - you too are able to walk in Paradise.Well done on shedding the big white elephant.


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