Saturday, March 15, 2014

Snooze You Loose? No Way Today!

My bags were packed, I was ready to was just a matter of coming up with a new Saturday snowshoe destination.  Keyboard at my fingers, in the midst of making a confirmation, I accidentally snoozed!  While snoozing, plans were being made.  I woke, plans had been made.  You snooze, you loose, I felt like I did!

My bags were packed, I was ready to solo!  With the end of winter "technically" just around the corner, a visit to the mountains was in order to say my good-bye.  I rang winter in on a beautiful day, time to ring it out (a few days early) on a day just as grand.  I did some quick homework:  check weather forecast, avalanche ratings, road conditions & trail conditions.  All were in order for safe fun in sections of Kananaskis.

After a short hike near the Interlakes, I then headed for Canyon and Penstock.  It had been years since I frequented that area.  It looked different, it felt new & nice.  The snow didn't quite feel nice, it was that spring-time snow.  I tried my snowshoes for awhile but later ditched them for my micro-spikes.

I had outright ownership for my entire time on the trail.  My trip started with this view.  The runners on the bottom of this sled are frozen deep in the ice.  It's  a precious little sled,  I can't imagine why it is there!
The hue of this ice was worth admiring.
A cairn marks the way!   To Where?
I wasn't game to find out!
The snow was very deep off trail.
A snow horizon!
Can you figure out what this photo is all about?
I was feeling kissed by the sun and loving it!  
I felt wrapped in the warmth of Mother Nature!
I was where I belonged on this day!
Actions speak louder than words!
My destination shot is a....

leap of love
This meadow was such a pretty place to be.  The snow was teasing and inviting.  It enticed me but I did not give in, I stayed in my micro-spikes and left my snowshoes on my backpack.  Others can dare to go and enjoy!
Here we go again, this rock pile looked so inviting! It made me think of miniature elephant rocks.  Do you know that song by Tegan & Sara "Closer"?  My favourite line of that song is "all I wanna get is a little bit closer".
all I wanna get is a little bit closer
all I wanna get is a little bit closer
Well, the above photo shows as close as I got.  It was tempting to tackle them but I played the wise card and stayed off.  Some animal tackled this slope!  Can you figure out what this shot is all about?  Is it an illusion?  
Here today was where I was suppose to be! 

Glad I snoozed, glad I loosed.  
I was well rested for a winner of a day.
Good-bye winter workouts!

Hello spring snowshoeing!  
Stay tuned!

(note:  pink & red mark the areas I hiked/snowshoed) 

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  1. Your 1st horizon shot tricked me. I was waiting for the full photo to upload and then I realised it had!!! Just love the 'close rocks' shot.
    How lucky to have it all to yourself.


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