Saturday, March 8, 2014

My March Ringer

I missed ringing in March last Saturday due to extreme weather conditions so snowshoeing today would be my ringer.  While we did not have blue sky and sunshine, we did have above zero temperatures and that mix sat well with me this day.   The avalanche rating was posted for high which meant options were limited.   A few of us had snowshoed to Taylor Lake in the past, we were familiar with the terrain, so made that today's choice of place to play.  My hope, as always, would be that we would be first to arrive and own the trail.  That was not the case today!  Truly, I am not stingy.   I was happy to share the place with many others today.

We geared up and aimed for the kiosk which we would not get anywhere near.
We climbed the metal stairs, passed through the gate and away we went.  
Mountain views were lacking which I was prepared for, so focused on Mother Nature's beauty. 
When we reached the junction to head to Taylor Lake, the trail was no longer broken.   
Thank you to the guys for clearing the way.  
I was glad to finally be at Taylor Lake.  Today's destination shot comes to you by way of words from the Purple Haze song by Jimi Hendrix.  While we know what he was high on, but for me I was high on just plain altitude and life itself! 

Actin' funny, but I don't know why
'Scuse me while I kiss the sky
Short Stop and I played a bit before heading to join the others for lunch.  When it came time for us to eat, we did a dine & dash.  There was no blue sky here, there were a few flurries flurring about and then we flurried on.  On the way out, I checked out a bit beyond then captured a vista shot.

a bit beyond
a vista shot
We found some deep stuff to contend with if we wished!  
Of course I opted for the wished!
It was hard to resist taking time to play on our descent.  
My friend afforded us many laughs!
It was best to stay on the trail if at all possible.  But like I said before, it was hard to resist taking the time to play.  After all the other folks followed along the trail, it became packed and I still needed more powder so went for it.  But then I fell and could not get up!
fun with formations
After two Saturdays of not being able to be in my mountain playground and already being into March, I was thankful to finally get out today and ring in the month.  The distance and elevation was a big objective for me and I was pleasantly depleted when we were back at the parking lot.  I'm not ready for the snowshoeing season to end, I still have many hours of playing in pow in me.  I'm already looking forward to more big days in big snow! STAY TUNED!


  1. Definitely staying tuned! What tremendous fun! Powder snow, love it! I remember the walking pole trick being done to me on my visit……

  2. I love that you always include maps!

  3. Not sure if you follow Linda's Lens but just had to share this.

    Sorry, for some reason it wouldn't add as a link!


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