Saturday, September 7, 2013

She Sure Was

Checking into my Facebook account, I see my last post was dated June 12, 2013.  I remember just viewing the "Travel Alberta" add on television and hearing "Alberta, she's really something to see" as words in the accompanying song.  Those specific words in that song struck a chord with me.  I wanted to see her and I did!  She was really something to see, she sure was!

If you follow my blog then you would have seen the following photos posted throughout the summer.  I wanted to create a quick snapshot of the collective beauty so picked out some of my favourite sights over the last few months to share with you.  

Alberta, she's really something to see!

beginning of trail to Ha Ling Peak

valley below Buller Pass

meadow along Wilcox Pass

view from Harvey Pass

Molar Meadows during wildflower season

view of Banff from the summit of Mount Bourgeau

in the middle of Larch Valley

heading towards Helen Lake with Cirque Peak to the right

on Forgetmenot Ridge

along the Iceline Trail

trail to high point of Cavell Meadows

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