Tuesday, September 3, 2013

None Other But Premier

NOTICE to my Austrian friend:  I hope you are able to check into this post.  I was not able to access your site with what you provided me.   If you go to my blogger profile, you will find my contact to reach me.  

When I woke this morning at my campsite by the Kicking Horse River and noticed the beautiful early morning sky then enjoyed my coffee not needing to be all bundled up for warmth, I sensed extra-ordinary would be on my side today.  I went to bed wondering what trail to hit today, I really wanted to do Iceline but not so sure I wanted to hit it solo on a September week day and Plain of Six Glaciers was also a classic one that I wanted to visit again and was fine soloing there. That sense of extra-ordinary was my defining moment, Iceline it would be!
Thirty minutes after getting into my vehicle and driving that steep winding road up to the trail head, I was ready to face the day.  At least I would do Iceline out and back but preferred to incorporate a loop of some sort. Starting in a clock-wise direction brings you to this magnificent view of Takakkaw Falls (Takakkaw is the Stoney Indian word for magnificent) just before the Whiskey Jack Hostel.  I could see a couple heading into the trees so knew I was not alone.
I caught up with the couple, who turned out not being a couple, both soloist going in different directions, he to Hidden Lake and her to the Iceline.  Her and I exchanged pleasantries and plans for the day.  We hit it off and off we went, neither I nor my new Austrian friend were never to be solo again for the balance of the hike which turned into the full meal deal loop.

Now higher physically and mentally, I was ready to enjoy the extra-ordinary!
Daly Glacier comes into view.
We reached the expansive land like no other and found lakes, rock slabs, moraines, glaciers, creeks.
I didn't know where to look but found I was drawn to the many colorful lakes.
Glaciers lined the horizon from one end to the other.
I did a portion of the Iceline Trail a number of years back but did have the opportunity to mount this mound so I was determined it would happen today.  It added a little distance and elevation to the day's tally.  I call this Summit Shot #1. 
This is my favourite view of the day.
Zoomed in on where we will soon be.
It's scenes like this that clearly make for extra-ordinary.
Summit Shot #2!
At the high point of the second mound which we mounted.
This added even more distance and elevation.
We made our way closer....
....and even closer, right to the lake edge.
This was the ideal spot to dine.
Another view of the colorful glacial lake.
We made our way along to where there were even more lakes.
We were nearing the end of this expansive land like no other.
We continued to follow the Iceline Trail through the firstly sparse trees 
and then into the thick forest for the descent towards the meadow.....
....and Stanley Mitchell Alpine Hut.
We enjoyed a second lunch here and chatted with folks  staying the night.
We took a few moments to check out the inside of the Hut.
After leaving the Hut, we exited onto the Little Yoho Valley Trail and from here on in, we were in the foreast with no views and made up for that by finding lots of stories to share to pass the time.  We then hit the Yoho Valley Trail which would bring us back to Takakkaw Falls and where we began our day.
What an extra-ordinary day this did prove to be!  I could not have asked for it to play out any differently then it did.  If you believe things happen for a reason today was proof of that.  Just ask my Austrian friend!  I so enjoyed sharing today with you!  I wish you a safe and wonderful adventure and hope you have many opportunities where you feel like you are "on top of the world" just like I felt like I was today!


  1. I did this exact hike with the loop a few weeks ago and loved it! Glad you got to enjoy it. Great pictures.

  2. I´m so glad we did this hike together. Really enjoyed sharing all this wonderful views and moments with you. It was an amazing day!
    Sorry for the wrong blog adress.


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