Friday, September 7, 2012

Fairview Mountain Sept 7, 2012

As if we hadn't hiked enough already after completing our "Triple A", we left Golden and stopped off at Lake Louise to hike Fairview Mountain before heading back to Calgary.   I was surprised to see the warning sign for group hiking on this trail.  A few minutes later, others came along and we set off together.  We did eventually spread out but others were always in sight. 
In a couple of weeks these larch trees should be gold.
The sun was bright and blinding and it was hard to get a good photo of Mount Temple. 
The glaciers were appearing as we ascended through the boulder field.
V for Victory!
4 Days, 4 Summits!
We hiked to the end of the summit area and found a place with big rocks to sit on for lunch. How about a lunch time view like this.  That is Victoria Glacier in front which means Lake Louise is just down below to the right but I am too afraid to look.
To my right is Mount St Piran, the round brown mountain on the right in this photo.  I am due to pay that summit another visit.  We spent a good 45 minutes on top.   This was a gorgeous day to be in the Lake Louise area, so glad my friend was game to go for it.  After our summit visit, we felt fulfilled from this trip and it was time to hit the trail then hit the highway home.

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  1. Congratulations on achieving 4 summits in 4 days! Such energy and enthusiasm! As I read, I climb, view the amazing panoramas, gasp and snap pics as if I were there. Of course, in reality, I wouldn't get very far at all, but it is wonderful to be transported to these spectacular mountains so regularly.


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