Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Avalanche Crest, Sept 4, 2012

Avalanche Crest was our first hike in Glacier National Park, British Columbia near Rogers Pass.  The plan last night before going to bed was to do Abbott Ridge today which is rated strenuous but I was awake all night with food poisoning type symptoms (due to something I made and brought from home, I think) so we down graded to a moderate hike.  We were apprehensive about today!   Neither of us had been to this area before, bear warning signs were posted and I felt like I had been pushed through a rat hole and pulled back out again.

We found the trail head!
The climb started immediately and didn't let up.  It wasn't long before we were down to shorts and short sleeve shirts.  The trail switch backed through the trees and we were covering elevation quite quickly.  The more we climbed, the better I felt and the more comfortable we began feeling right at home in our element.  This was about the only flat section of the whole day.
When you are hiking in a new area, you have no idea what to expect and surprises were popping up everywhere.  
The grunt through the trees was worth it.
Glaciers appeared!  
The alpine meadow was still covered in wild flowers.
We followed the steep rocky trail to the summit and then carried on a bit further up the Crest to an even higher point.  Before doing anything, I made sure to get my summit shot.  It was mostly a cloudy day with a tiny bit of blue sky here and there, yet it wasn't windy and we were able to enjoy some well deserved summit time.
It is Avalanche Crest that spawns numerous avalanches and threatens the Trans Canada Highway which you see below in this photo. This was the view in front of me as my summit shot was being taken.
The highway and the railway.
New snow on the very old glacier.
A peak peeking through a ridge of snow so very far off.
After photos and lunch and enjoying the view, we began the trek down.  We were pleased as punch to have made our first summit in Glacier National Park, British Columbia and we were excited for what tomorrow might bring.  We made our way back to home base, relaxed, cleaned up, made dinner, enjoyed a fire and the night sky then called it a successful golden day.

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