Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paget was a Pageant

Paget Peak and Sherbrooke Lake share the same trail head parking lot just across from the west end of Wapata Lake, the pink star marks the spot. From the highway it looks like a gravel pit and don't expect a sign to tell you to turn here because there isn't one.
You follow the Sherbrooke Trail for a short distance and then you reach another sign pointing you in the direction of Paget Lookout.   Mount Paget Lookout was built in 1944 and is the oldest surviving lookout in the mountain national parks.
Paget Peak didn't need the "an" to make it a pageant today, it put on an amazing show of beauty all on its own!  It all started with the Paget Lookout.  This Lookout has glass windows on three sides and sits perched where you can enjoy views sheltered from what ever Mature Nature may throw your way.
We took a twenty minute break at the Lookout before beginning the climb on the wide open rough and rugged and rocky slope that would lead us to our destination.  As we got higher, the beauty pageant was beginning to declare a winner!  The color of Sherbrooke Lake was unreal and in the very same view I could see the Kicking Horse River and the highway west.  
The first portion of the trail from the Lookout was steep with slightly slippery scree sections. Then it mellowed a bit before reaching a batch of big boulders where I needed to use my hands to maneuver around and I could see why this was considered more of a scramble then a hike.  We reached the top and could see the true summit cairns after passing a couple of false ones.
We made our way to the summit, took our summit shots then settled down in a sheltered sunny spot for 90 minutes of enjoying snacks, siestas, scenery and sharing stories.  We owned the summit the whole time and only as we were packing up to leave did we see others come along to claim their ownership status. 
Before leaving though, I took a few more photos.  This is looking towards Mount Ogden and Mount Niles with Niles Meadow below in the center.   The Daly Glacier Overlook is the dip to the right of Mount Ogden and a place I hiked to last summer.
Being on Paget Peak, we had views of a whole row of glaciers and here is Mount Niles with Niles Glacier.
On our descent we stopped of at the edge where we had a view of Wapata Lake down below.
Edges and ledges are wonderful places to be for enjoying spectacular views but it doesn't always pay to "live on the edge" or close to it.  As the day has passed and we are now into the night as I share my day with you, I see my knees changing color and size right before my eyes.  There is no beauty in this scene!
This little incident did not in any way what-so-ever take away from me
feeling like I was
 "on top of the world" 


  1. Your photographs are fantastic as always, what beautiful places!! Ouch on the knees.

  2. A wonderful summit experience and worked hard for too. The valleys from up there show much of their character as do the ranges and snowfields.
    I was up Mt Temple recently once again and found much of the snow to be very challenging. You were right about the late season and the remaining snow kept changing consistency as each hour passed. I placed a few small secrets along the route as each rock band was navigated. Many new cairns up there...

  3. Oh, your poor knees! I hope they heal quickly. Beautiful photos!!

  4. The pics with you on the top of the world are fantastic!!!! And the others too.
    Sorry for the knees but you will heal soon.
    Have a good sunday.

  5. I was up at Paget Peak today and found a summit stone by DSD. I'm guessing you had placed it there, so I checked it (it's in great condition, but looks like a few people have been reading), and didn't place one myself. Nice to see it there being enjoyed :-).


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