Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Mountain Break

All week I was feeling I needed a break from hiking and from being deep into the middle of the big mountains.  I could handle rolling ridges but I didn't want to be on them and would be quite content to just look at them.  The plan for awhile was to spend today with Ms M and with the stellar forecast, we picked Forgetmenot Pond as our day away place.  It was right where I needed to be.  We arrived at 10:30am to secure a spot (smart thinking that was) and spent the first couple of hours catching up and catching rays.
The duck was catching too!
Our first course!
After some wine and cheese, and before the main course, I did the 20 minute loop around the Lake and this was the view from the far end.  It was just after this spot and by the bridge, I ran into a wedding party only to find out some of the guests were hiking friends.  We hugged, we chatted, they were waiting for the bride, time was passing and the groom was pacing.  Ms M and I were pacing too, but we were pacing our courses and seeing as we were ready for our next one, I carried on!
We enjoyed our main course, then snacks and finally desert.  By this time the afternoon was turning into dinner time, we had enough sun, we were caught up with each others lives, so we packed up, headed out and drove home!  Today was exactly what I needed in every way!

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