Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photo Story of Today's Run

I really needed this morning's run!  I didn't care what the weather or how I felt, it was going to happen!  Sometimes it is hard to be motivated to run and get myself out the door so there was no way what-so-ever I was going to let my mind veer in the direction of spinning excuses not to go!  I just went!  

I did need my reflector because it was dark and the fog was dense!
 I had the trail to myself!  I felt the moist fog on my face!
 It began to brighten up and the trees look pretty!
 I ran through the leaves, just because!
 Hallowe'en!  A week from today!  BooWooHoo


  1. Sounds like a lovely run :) I like that you took photos of your morning run!

  2. Nice photos! Where do you run? It looks so pretty.


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