Friday, October 22, 2010

From Someone Who...

...often is in places that make you feel like you are "on top of the world" to those that have actually been "on top of the world"!   I only want to dream about the "top of the world" where these people I met today have been!  I admire them!  They are an inspiration!  Today I got to shake their hands!

When I reached the summit of North Kent Outlier, I called it "My Everest"! 

When I placed my foot on the very top of East End of Rundle, I called it "My Everest"!

When I went as far as I felt I possibly could on Mt Lady McDonald, I called it "My Everest"!

When I attacked and conquered Angels Landing, I called it "My Everest"!

What do these people I met today at the Atmosphere store call their Everest?  Mt. Everest!  They are summiteers.  They have all reached the summit of Mt Everest.  They were in town to attend the  Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation Gala and Auction which Atmosphere is sponsoring and money raised is used to assist the Sherpa people in Nepal  with their health care, education and environmental projects.

In the photo below are Byron Smith, Mingma Tenji Sherpa, me, Ang Dorge Sherpa and Apa Sherpa.

They autographed photos, obligingly posed for photo after photo, they answered questions and even asked questions.   This was my first time meeting Sherpas.   I have read many books, watched lots of documentaries on T.V. about climbing Mt Everest and even followed expeditions and there is always the talk of Sherpas.  They were everything I expected.  They are gracious and humble gentlemen.

What a line up!
I felt so fortunate to be able to meet 50 year old Apa Sherpa who has summited Mt Everest 20 times, with his latest summit taking place this past May 2010.  At 40 years old,  Ang Dorge Sherpa has reached the summit 14 times.  His latest summit was May of this year.  He now lives in Washington and guides expeditions up Mt Reiner.  He, along with Mingma Tenji Sherpa accompanied Canadian home grown Byron Smith to the summit in May of 2000.   Both Byron Smith and Mingma Tenji Sherpa live in Alberta, Byron in Vulcan and Mingma Tenji in Calgary.  

Today I felt "on top of the world" being in the company of those who have been "on top of the world"!


  1. They were so humble, and yet their work is the most difficult. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would meet a 'character' out of Krakauer's "Into Thin Air".

  2. What a wonderful experience...lucky you! :)

  3. A great experience!
    I'm sure they too would acknowledge that we all have our own Everest too if you will. I know I have time and again, season after season...


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