Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ugly! But Done!

I had a 17km LSD on my training schedule for today. I was all gung-ho after a good night sleep and for what seemed like ideal conditions weather-wise. I got out my front door at 7:35am and very soon was thankful for the long pants, long sleeve tech top and gloves. I ran and I ran and I ran and getting into a groove just wasn't happening. Three times I took a turn in the road and headed back towards home but veered away just before I got there and thought just do two more kilometers. Each time I was almost home I said just do 2 more km! At one point I felt like I was going to wolf my cookies but that went away then I thought I was going to have the runs but that went away then I started to see that kaleidoscope effect out of the corner of my eye but that went away. I fought the wind for a large portion of my run. I felt like I was breathing heavy the whole time. With a couple of kilometers to go, I really had to pee bad and also I could feel a blister starting on the arch of my right foot.

The whole run was ugly! I could not find pretty anywhere! I knew I had to push on though, and overcome ugly because on race day, ugly could make an appearance and you need to know how to deal with it. I ended up back at my front door 1:57:23 later after covering 17.4 km.

Now I have the whole day ahead of me. My running schedule is already is place, now I am working on plans for a Jasper Weekend, dates for a Lake O'Hara hike, counting my sleeps until Zion, and dreaming of what other mountains I would like to summit!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Easter!

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  1. The best that can be said is that you hung tough and gutted it out. Always an admirable trait. Would that be Zion as in Zion National Park in SE Utah?


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