Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Tough 36 !

Biking 36 kilometers into the wind the whole way makes for a tough ride, yet I enjoyed every second of it! The original plan was to bike 50 klicks, increasing my distance by 15 over my last ride. I'm not training for any biking event, biking is just for sheer pleasure, so I'm happy with the 36.

I tried out my new deuter pack and it is a keeper! You can see it in this photo. It was very comfortable and held everything I needed for the ride with room to spare in case I needed to pack my jacket. I thought I would have to take a layer off but just like yesterday, kept them all on.
A portion of the route is closed for construction so I had to take a detour. It involved one killer of a hill that I had to walk up. This detour is in effect until July. With any luck, getting into May or June I should be able to ride the whole hill. For anyone that is interested in an Easter Brunch, I noticed this sign along the detour route!
I also noticed the wildlife along the way! Glad to see they are behind a wire fence! You never know what you might see out biking. I know that so I stay aware of my surroundings.
I wonder when the fire was? It smelled very fresh! Calgary is so dry these days! The size of this one was nothing compared to the size of the one we saw yesterday along the highway heading west.
I was spent by the time I got home so spent the balance of the afternoon enjoying some one on one time with my sofa. I have to rest my legs for tomorrow's 17km. That is 17km of running!


  1. Great ride and as always wonderful pictures! Although those big hills I could do without!

  2. Great ride, it is always hard to bike against and with the wind. You have a wonderful bike. Happy Easter.

  3. I know the hill of which you speak and will walk most of it again tomorrow. When I am strong enough to ride all the way up it you'll know!

    It is MUCH more fun coming down :)


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