Saturday, March 13, 2010

St Patrick's Day 10km Race

You play smart!  You win!  That was my game plan for today's St. Patrick's Day 10km race and that is what happened! Well, in my books I played smart and I won!  Even yesterday on my way to pick up my race pack, I was still wondering if I would even attempt to run.  My last run was March 3rd and since then I have been trying to beat a bug.  Standing in the line up for race pack, then getting my bib and seeing my shirt, my focus started to shift! That was all it took!
We had ideal race conditions, path was perfect, weather was wonderful.  My race plan was not to race but to use this more as a training run so no pressure.  I played smart!  I ran an even keel pace throughout and even felt I had some to give on the home stretch, so I did!

I finished in a time of 1:02:47 with an average pace of 6:17 min/km.  It wasn't my fastest 10km nor was it my slowest.  I placed 93 out of 199 females and 6 out of 17 in my age category.  
I'm very happy with my results! I feel like a winner!  I enjoyed some sunshine and cheered on others as they came down the home stretch.  Then it was time to enjoy a bar-b-qued burger and a slice of cake.  Today's race was in support of the Diakonos Retreat Society.
Now its time to get serious about my running and get well prepared for the Police Half Marathon the end of April.  Today put things into perspective on how I am doing so far and it also lit the fire again for my running passion!


  1. You must have had the luck 'o the Irish with you - good job! So glad it went well!

  2. It's great to see you enjoyed the St. Patrick's Day 10km race. Congrats for your average pace of 6:17 min/km.
    Have a nice trainig for the Police Half Marathon next month.

  3. Great Job!!!! and great to see you got to do the run! I wasn't aware there were two st. Patrick day races! Next year I must try this one!



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