Sunday, March 7, 2010

Missing an Important Run

My training program called for an LSD of 16km today! I missed it! I wasn't able to get out my front door this morning let alone get my head of the pillow! UGH! On the drive home from yesterday's hike, I started to get a headache. At first I thought it was too much sun and not enough water! Then I thought I was giving myself a headache by talking too much! Yes! I was talking lots, I was still on a high! When I woke this morning, I realized it had nothing to do with the sun, lack of water or too much talking, the headache was the beginning of a flu bug.

What to do? There is no way I will get a 16km run in through the coming week. I hope to at least get two short ones done after work, depending on how I feel it could be just one. I have a 10km race on Saturday and I want to hike on Sunday. I am debating whether to forgo the 10km race and do the 16km LSD that day. I don't want to give up my Sunday hike! I wonder how important that 16km run really is! Oh! What to do!


  1. I do hope you recover properly soon. I think if you take great care of yourself now you'll run the 10km race on Saturday and hike on Sunday. So you could give us other pictures of a beautiful scenery. :)

  2. Oh no!! I hope you get better quickly. And I hope no one else (like, maybe, me) gets it!!! Take care.

  3. Oh no! It is so annoying to get sick when you have runs that you planned to get in and a race to run. But your body is telling you to get some rest! Hang in there and take good care of yourself...


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