Friday, December 4, 2009


I picked up my race pack for tomorrow's 5km Santa Shuffle Fun Run in support of the Salvation Army. I have a feeling I will have to add many more pieces to complete my ensemble because...

...this is what Calgary's weather radar looks like! Green being snow and the darker the green the more the snow accumulation!

At the moment this is what it looks like out my window! This is why I am home from work early. I did not want a repeat of last Friday! So, a good evening to stay home...

...and decorate my Christmas tree! This is my newest decoration as of today. I like where Santa lives! I can relate to "top of the world"! What better time then on such a wintery eve... enjoy a Big Rock Winter Spice!

Oh, to be home safe and cozy and warm!


  1. Oh wow, you're in for a snowy run tomorrow! I hope you have fun and don't get too wet. :)

  2. saw your weather on tonight's news...YIKES, be safe tomorrow!

  3. Wow! What a cozy evening! Enjoy the beauty of it this weekend while it is still pristine...


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