Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas in the Rockies

If you are having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit then I suggest you do what I did today!  Even though I'm feeling somewhat festive, I still needed an extra little boost!

A day off work to spend in the mountains did the trick for me!  Today was my Christmas in the Rockies.  I left home at 8:00am and hit the highway that takes me west.

After about 90 minutes of driving, I landed in Banff.  On a weekday this town doesn't get going until 10:00.  It was peaceful along the path that follows the river.  

I drove out to the Vermillion Lakes and what amazing scenery.  Even though it looked beautiful today, one day I would like to be here when the sun is rising.

It's easy to tell Christmas is just around the corner.  The reindeer were fueling up for their big trek.   A week from today and they will be flying high.

We all know who this is!   I extended my stay at Vermillion Lakes, which was not part of my plan.  There were lots more deer and elk blocking the road.

Once the crew moved on, then I moved on.  To down town!  To shop!  In addition to my photos, I wanted something else to remind me of my day and I knew right where to go.  The Spirit of Christmas store was calling my name.

I bought two tree ornaments to add to my collection.  Joy!  Celebrate!  That's what my day was all about!  That's what gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling, in addition to standing by an outdoor fire. 

By 2:30 I realized I accomplished what I set out to do.  I took a quick trip to Bow Falls before turning around and driving down the main street that leads to the highway to my home.  I enjoy days like these!  They are like treasures and are golden!


  1. Nice trip to Banff, thanks for taking me with you (in your photo's of course). Haven't been to Banff in a VERY long time, so it was great to see it again.

    Nice that the reindeer are fueling's a quick flight to Ottawa!

  2. What a lovely day. I think some of your Christmas spirit just rubbed off on me. Thanks!!

  3. Banff was recently featured on our Flemish travel program, it looked beautiful. We finally got a bit of snow this week, but unlike yours, ours will be gone by next week.


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