Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Young Lady and the Sea

It t’was to be, but just a simple Sunday sail! In summer wear of tonka truck yellow T and scholastic plaid shorts, the sun did shine and the beads of sweat did form. Oh, if only a cool breeze would brush past us. (They always say, watch what you ask for, it might come true!) I posed on the deck of the vessel for a quick snapshot before we lifted anchor to head out to sea. Little did I know at the time, I may need the chain that lay beside my feet.
As we reach cruising knots consistent with what is regulatory on these seas, we settle in, feeling the slight breeze and the gentle roll. You can’t help but notice the air is filled with the smells of seafaring. We take in sights as we pass by other vessels and we watch as the land becomes more distant. Off to the western sky, tis now a menacing look . With a flash of lightening, we count the seconds hoping not to hear the thunder too soon! Five seconds, means five miles! Too close! The dark clouds closed in on us as we moved further away from land. The sky lit up with flash after flash after flash! My wish came true! Only now I would rather have done without but the wind whipped up a frenzy! The roll was no longer gentle! The breeze no longer slight!
The wicked wind brought along showers which did not deter us from moving off the deck but in the wink of an eye, the few drops turned on us and we were now being pelted with hail! Golf ball size hail some compared it to! Some said it was pea size, others said soccer ball size! One thing I do know, it was not the hail that splats and turns to mush. This hail bounced off heads and shoulders and off the deck and it danced and it spiraled out of control.
For our own safety, we needed to take shelter! Into the belly of the vessel we went. Swaying back and forth, we no longer had sea legs. We donned slickers and tried to make our way to a place where we were protected and where we could hold on tight and ride out this storm while the Captain brought us safely back to land.
This was our adventure today on the SS Moyie as we paddle wheeled around the Glenmore Reservoir at Heritage Park!


  1. Sounds like a great adventure, those hails look so big!!!

  2. What a rush.....Only in Calgary can you have an assortment of weather patterns in such a short time. Enjoyed sharing the boat ride with you.

    Ms. M


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