Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shebeest Sails

Today’s bike ride was my first bit of exercise, other than walking, since the Half Marathon last Sunday! The plan was to take Stampede Week off, enjoy the festivities plus give the body a break.

With a healthy balance between break and festivities, I woke feeling well rested and not too pancaked. Today’s ride was wickedly wonderful with the feeling I could go forever. This shebeest sailed today! The reality of it is, I do have to bike back home so on the out trip, I only go to a point where I know the return will be manageable.

I’ve done this route to Edworthy and back before. This time it was a quicker trek, I had more power to push up the hills and the walk was shorter on the last long hill just before home. My biking is just for pleasure so I tend to take it easy. I like the cloths and the gadgets but all that just makes it more pleasurable. When it comes to my running, I can be competitive within myself. Today I noticed it creeping into my biking. I wanted to push a little harder! That guy in front of me needed to be passed! That other lady was not going to reach the top of the hill before me! Yes! My biking is just for pleasure!

The route was filled with bikers, bladers, walkers and runners! I saw cops on the beat, low flying sign pulling aircraft, geese full of tom-foolery, a 75 year old gent sporting nothing but a speedo, received free mango Jugo Juice, I even noticed some of the runners decked out in last weekend’s shirt. Here's hoping this shebeest will have that sailing feeling tomorrow when I christen last weekend's shirt on the first run back after my break.

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  1. do I see a triathlon in your future? ;-)

    Nice pics, seems like a lovely place!


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