Thursday, April 30, 2020

The beat goes on...

...and it is feeling like a better beat!

Tuesday's forecast said "go girl get out there" so I heeded that advice and off I went to Fish Creek Park for an urban hike.  The sunshine, warm temperature, lovely scenery and exercise all contributed to an elevated level of feeling in a happier place within.   Today's route covered an area of the Park that I had not been before and I enjoyed not knowing what was around the corner or over the bridge or up the hill.  I am learning to "remember to breathe" even within our city limits!

With time on my hands, stones in my yard, paint in my basement, creativity in my mind and a heart full of hope, I passed many hours this past week laying my thoughts onto a rock canvas.  I thought about how much sunrise is my most favourite time of day and how many beautiful ones I got to witness these past couple of months.  I bought flowers for Easter to cheer me and my home up.  They are the prettiest though when you get to see them out in the wild.  I hope I will get to experience that this summer.  I have camping nights booked but will they go ahead!  Some of my best sleeps are in my tent out in the wilderness.  I am in need of some good long deep sleeps!  The many hours I passed painting these rocks was a wonderful distraction away from reality.

It's quite something how my mindset has made such a change!  I knew last night that I would hike up on Nose Hill today and I was so excited and looked forward to it like a child on Christmas Eve.  I have never been out the door so quick after getting out of bed as I was this morning.  It must have been my sixth sense that made me sense I was in for something spectacular!  April 30th on Nose Hill will go down in my books for witnessing the most crocuses ever.  It was a crocus fest! They were growing in areas up there that they have not grown before!  They were sprouting out of the middle of paths!  There were more bouquets of crocuses than I have ever seen.  I starting hiking at 5:56am and I was back at my car at 9:15am.  I love kicking off a day in this way!

April has been bitter sweet, more bitter than sweet.  
I wonder what May will bring!

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  1. Totally awesome, yet again. So much aazing nature on your doorstep. I love and appreciate what I have on mine but can't stop wishing I could experience your 'wow' moments too!


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