Thursday, April 16, 2020

Nose Hill Sunrise April 16, 2020

When all is said and done with the world's recent happenings, I should be able to find my way around Nose Hill Environmental Park blindfolded.  I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have this place to escape to.  As each day passes I appreciate it more and more, yet as each day passes I need to be "out & about" earlier and earlier if I want to catch the sunrise.  I could tell it was going to be a pretty one as I walked out my front door this morning.  
I arrived at the parking lot to see one other vehicle off in the far corner but no one was in sight.  Gosh, I thought I hit the trail early.  I booted it up the hill, down into the valley, up another hill then back down to the rocky setting where I could sit and wait for this day to begin.
...and hello Thursday!  
I tried in the past to use the crocus carving in the trail marker as a frame for one thing or another.  
This morning I tried to frame the sun and this is what I got.  
It took many tries and finally success! 
I carried on along the dirt path making sure to keep checking over my shoulder to see what was happening with the sunrise.  The path was pure ice in sections.  Usually I would do a detour to avoid it but I used it to my advantage and slowly slide across it for this view.  
What a distraction it has been already trying to catch the sun peaking through openings. 
How about this!  Once again it took many, many tries and then success.
I was curious as to what "Nose Hill Lake" would look like after the past week or so of warm then cold warm then cold days.  I was delighted to see sections clear of snow, it's a true sign of spring.  The sun was still low enough to cast a glow on the trees.
"Nose Hill Lake"
another view of "Nose Hill Lake"
There are so many of these structures through out Nose Hill Park now.  
This one was new to me.  
Once again I tried many times to catch the sun shining through.  
It was still early in the Park.  I saw more deer than I did people.  
I completed a gigantic loop and it was time to drop down the last hill to my car.  The sun was higher, the sky was bluer, the temperature was warmer and I prayed our world would get better!  I know the days that I start in the way this one starter make for better days for me! I wish for you better days too!

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