Sunday, April 12, 2020

Carburn Park to Fish Creek Park April 12, 2020

It was time to head back to Calgary's pathway system to fill a few hours with outdoor activity on this Easter Sunday morning.  There are hundreds of kilometres of pathway to choose from and today I decided to head to Carburn Park.  It is easily accessible with a short drive from where I live and being a city park the parking lot and paths are open for business.  I arrived just after sunrise, stepped out of my car and decided at that point I needed all my layers on.  It was fresh and crispy cold!     

As you can see from the sign at the base of the tree, we are warned to social distance.
sign telling me where to go 
I had been to Carburn Park many many years ago for an after Sunday brunch stroll with friends and then a few years ago, I came through here on my bike.  While I have been to parts of this Park, there are sections of the Park I did not cover and those trails are close to the Bow River so I headed there.    This tree looked very distinct.
this explains it
I began following the pathway south on the west side of the river.  When I go again, I will stick to the east side.  The further south I headed the not so pretty it became as it clouded over and began to snow.  I continued on though!
I carried on south enough that I arrived at Fish Creek Provincial Park.  Being a provincial park, it is closed to vehicles during this time yet is open to walkers if you can access it by foot.  It was not my intention to go this far south but it just happened.  I did not go deep into the Park as I still had to get myself back to Carburn Park.  I had no food nor water with me and there was no where to access some.  I crossed the first bridge and headed back north.
By now the sky began to open up and the pretty started.  
It was good the paved sections of pathway had been cleared prior.  
Where ever possible I stuck to the dirt paths.  They were closer to the river with more trees.  
I was almost back to the bridge that I crossed quite awhile back to the get to the west side.  
spring time colours
I think this is a golden eagle!
The scenery became so pretty now and I was feeling lifted from the sights.  
It's spring but still looks and feels like winter on this Easter Sunday!
a great shadow shot
almost back at the parking lot
The ponds at Carburn Park are still frozen and snow covered.  
As I sat in my car waiting for it to warm up, I was already thinking that another day soon I will come back to this location but I will stay on the east side and I'll head further into Fish Creek Park.  It was time to head home with hopes this outing would keep my spirits lifted for the balance of the day!  If I need a boost the wine will do it paired with the easter chocolate!

today's route

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