Monday, April 20, 2020

Fish Creek Park April 20, 2020

I met my friend in front of her home for our planned few hours of hiking throughout a section of Fish Creek Park.  Before starting we confirmed the rules of proper distancing and as this section of the Park is her stomping grounds she advised me about being careful at corners and to shoulder check now and then.  We did the descent to the Park and entered it at Votier's Flats.  
Very soon into our hike, I realized shorts and short sleeve shirt would have been sufficient.  This was turning into a beautiful day with high double digits on the plus side, bright blue in the sky and some of those wispy white clouds that I like so much.
 crossing to the other side
 The Bow River is fast flowing and dark from being churned up.  
 a tree with a new lease on life 
We found a protected area to sit and snack and spent a half hour or so chatting about anything and everything.  We enjoyed the warmth from the sun and the sound of the birds' songs.   We were away from the beaten path so away from the other walkers, runners and bikers who were out & about.
 We watched him as he watched us snack.
The ground we covered ranged from paved to dirt.  For most of our hike we were on the paved path which today was free of snow, ice, mud, water.  It took some off trail maneuvering along sections of the dirt paths so we could stay dry and clean.
 pointing to her Mother-in-Law at a donation memorial
It was time for a climb which would be up the path along the edge in the middle of the photo.  
This whole area was new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed all the new sights.  
 along the path
 along the path
We exited Fish Creek Park in a different area from where we entered.  We had a couple of kilometers left that was through residential to get back to my friend's place.  As we arrived at the foot of her driveway she looked down and said "oh a heart"!   I needed to capture that heart.  I like to think it had to have meant something seeing it as we ended our few hours of hiking, talking and pouring out our hearts for how we feel about the world happenings these days.  

This was the route we took today showing only the portion of Fish Creek Park that we covered.

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  1. My friends are too scared to hike together. Sigh, but since I enjoy solo walking, it has not been too bad.


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