Monday, November 11, 2019

Sulphur Mountain November 11, 2019

With winter tires finally on my car and a road report that says good to go, I was now ready to go.  With a recent snowfall of a few centimeters and a weather forecast for cold + crisp + clear, I wanted to get caught up in all this.  Banff National Park was the place, up Sulphur Mountain I would set the pace.  I arrived to only two others ahead of me, one turned back very early, the gondola would not run until 10:00am so this meant it was very, very quiet here.      
It was so easy to focus this morning, eyeing the beauty as I ascended, hearing nothing but my breathing and the off & on crunch of my spike in the packed snow.  I took only two stops along the way, one to delayer and sip my beverage then one photo opportunity.   I reached the deck and the beauty was as it always is although I took some time to make sure to appreciate it a bit more on this Remembrance Day.   This was the first time I noticed the coloring on the sign.  I sported orange and turquoise too!
Oh Canada!
I arrived at the observation deck to this view.  
It was cold! It was windy!  It was awesome!  
The heated igloo is open and inviting. 
I spent a little time inside warming up, enjoying my tea and the view.
At this time of year if you hike up Sulphur Mountain then you can ride the gondola down for free so I did just that.  The window was down and the view of Mount Rundle was sweet.  I exited the base building and walked back up to my car near the trail head.  It was still cold and still windy and still beautiful!

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