Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Nose Hill (not the usual) November 20, 2019

I went for my typical tromping ten km trip this morning up on Nose Hill but it turned out being not the usual outing where I spend time admiring the scenery and capturing photos of it.  I did pay attention to the views but other things kept grabbing my attention with some seeming to be a little off, so much so that I began to wonder was there a full moon.  I did hear a howl!  

I hit the trail just as the sun appeared in full over the horizon and began to turn Nose Hill a different shade of pale pink that was not that pretty.  It was a challenge to photograph but I gave it a shot at taking a shot.  I soon realized with all the blue in the sky, I should focus on something other than far off or landscape type views for pretty pictures. I did not need to work at focusing..... I mentioned early, things kept grabbing my attention!  
I now knew where that howl came from!
 It was a bright sun-shiny morning up on Nose Hill.
I was not the only thing creating a shadow!
I took a different route this time around and soon was sorry I did.  The snow had drifted and was deep and no one else had been yet.  Here the snow drifted right up the back of the trail marker and the snow even blew through the opening flower shape.  
 What the heck watch out!
Not only had I heard that howl, I also heard a vroom vroom.
I jumped out of the way when I saw this coming towards me and just watched him motor on by.
It was very quiet up on The Hill other than that howl and the vroom vroom.  
It felt a tad bit erie too.  Being watched can make it feel that way.
 just hanging out
 Here we go again!  What the heck!  Are you lost?  This is Nose Hill not the highway!
 Here is the confirmation there is not a full moon!  
 It was just a strange morning being "out & about" up on Nose Hill!  

This was my 10km route.

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