Thursday, November 21, 2019

Great Divide X-C Ski November 21, 2019

My X-C Skis have been sitting at my front door for two weeks now.  Today they finally made it out the door and into a track.  I was waiting for reports of decent ski conditions and a highway that would be smooth for sailing on.  Those two items paired up today and off I went.  I went for the Great Divide at Lake Louise for my first X-C Ski of the season.  It turned out being a wise choice.  
There was one other vehicle in the parking lot when I started.  I like it like that!  I had all I needed in my backpack including my bear spray.  You just never know!  I donned the necessary layers, stepped into my boots, strapped on my pack, pulled down my hat to cover my ears, slipped my heat wave gloves on then clip clip into my skis and I was ready to swish swish away!
 It was a cold and sunny start.  
It was as great a feeling as I remembered it to be!
The dogs were not running today.  The other solo person was already returning to his car.  It was me and the mountain views.  It was peaceful and quiet expect for the swish swish, oh what a sweet sound.  It did not seem like many months had passed since I had last been on my X-C Skis.  I had intentions of only going out 5km and then returning.  But before I knew it.....
 .....I was coasting down the big hill 
and then arrived on the British Columbia side of the Great Divide.  
I took a few minutes to take it all in and then began what I expected to be a big grunt up that big hill but once again before I knew it I was at the top.  I also expected the work out to get up the hill would "heaten me up" (that's an east coast term) but it did not.  I remained in all my layers.  The tracks were in great shape for this time of year.  With a little more white gold, the little hills and meadows will be covered and will glisten even more.
 Like I said early on, it was cold and sunny and the proof is in the pudding.  
I am excited for this X-C Ski season!  
My skis will remain at the front door with intentions of going beyond the door often.  

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