Sunday, November 24, 2019

Forgetmenot Photography November 24, 2019

It's time to stop putting it off and putting it off as time is not on my side!  A week from today the gate comes down then Forgetmenot Pond and area will no longer be easily accessible until spring of next year.  I've had intentions of being out there to witness a sunrise and this morning was my only option.      It was not the most pleasant drive there, in the dark, snow covered road, a wild wind, blowing snow and the odd deer darting across the road.   There was no one else on the 66, my speed was 50 km/hr and I even debated whether to continue on.  I did and I'm thankful I did!

I plowed through the snow into the parking lot and sat in my car.  It was a little too dark and I felt a tad nervous.  Evenutally I gathered my gear, spiked up then walked through the trees to Forgetmenot Pond.  I arrived for the golden hour and oh was it golden.  

From reflections...... reflections with pink clouds!

Then the alpenglow appeared!  
It reflected too!
I hiked around the Pond, I acutally hiked around it three times.
Each time, the colours were different, the light was different, different things caught my eye.

I meandered down a trail that followed a creek with sections of open water. 
The reflections were still happening.  It looked so pretty to me.  
Now it was time for breakfast!

Forgetmenot, you afforded me sweet memories this year that I will never forget!

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  1. What a perfectly beautiful morning giving these wonderful reflections.


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