Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Victoria, B.C. October 22, 2019

I'm a born & bred "oceanista" and have been feeling the need for a fix.  You can take the girl away from the East Coast but you can't take the Coast out of the girl!  An eighty minute flight west landed me in Victoria, British Columbia.  Then a thirty minute drive south and I arrive at my home away from home which is a minute walk from the Salish Sea just off the Pacific Ocean. My picture window view is of the Olympic Mountains of Washington that seem so close I want to reach out and touch.

I began this morning at Mile 0 which is just a short walk along the waterfront.  This is where the Trans Canada Highway begins on the west coast.  It was the perfect area to be at for sunrise.  

Butchart Gardens was my place of choice to spend the morning.  At this time of year the majority of the flowers have gone to bed for the season but the trees bushes and shrubs were at their autumn prime.  I walked the place twice, there was so much to see and I was fortunate to have perfect weather on my side.  On the drive home I saw a sign for a Elk Lake Regional Park, so veered off to have a stroll there.

The perfect weather carried on for the balance of the day.  I went for a mid afternoon walk along the Dallas Rd Waterfront Trail in one direction and then an early evening walk in the other direction towards Ogden Point to be out & about for sunset. 

I feel right at home here on the coast.  It's in my blood!

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  1. How lovely to see Butchart Gardens clothed in its autumn colours.


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