Thursday, October 24, 2019

Victoria, B.C. October 24, 2019

Numerous ideas were on my list for this vacation in Victoria.  One specific item was to drive the 289 km Pacific Marine Circle Route.  With so many places to see along a mere portion of that route, I opted out of being stuck in the car for so long and only drove as far as China Beach and back.  

The drive along the Juan de Fuca Highway was narrow and winding, lots of fun plus very scenic.  I owned the highway in my direction both going and coming back.  

Instead of checking for avalanche conditions, I checked for tide times. I knew low tide times were not in my favour for this week.  I like every beaches so went to China Beach anyway just to play.  The trail down to it was beautiful. The trees grow big here as do the leaves.  There would be no sauntering in neither direction as the tide was on the way in.  I enjoyed being lost in the moments of watching the waves.  They were loud and crashing at times but oh so soothing.

On the return drive I stopped at Jordan River.  The little campground and day use spot was perfect and had loads of prettiness.  While I was only strolling the beach here and having lunch, I wish I was setting up a site for the night.  I believe I saw seals splashing about, they were entertaining. There were a couple of cabins closed up for the season.  I wondered would they be business related to the Campground.  A pink heart?  Yes, that is a pink heart I found on the beach.  It's new home will be in my rockery.

In the little village of Shirley there is a Lighthouse, the Sheringham Point Lighthouse.  What a beautiful structure that is maintained by the Lighthouse Preservation Society.  I should become a member of this society!  Tucked down in a corner is a waymarker which is a reference point for the Canada / USA border.  So either technically or actually I stood on the border.

Next on my hit list was Whiffin Spit and it was nothing to spit at!  It's a long peninsula where you can walk to the end.  The scenery from the entire stretch of it is pretty with some unique sights.  It's a busy place and deservedly so.  

It was time to get back to my home away from home and gear down then gear up again to head out for sunset.  Once again I crossed the street, meandered along the shoreline with everyone else and just waited.  It was quite a show this evening!  

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